Our shop uses "Hinatsubo" rice from Hokkaido.

For orders after 10 PM, we will add a 10% as late night charge.

Champion Yukhoe with A5 ranked beef1,980yen

Champion Yukhoe with A5 ranked beef

It is a new style of Yukhoe sliced beef.

Phantom Hanasaki Tongue Salt3,456yen

Phantom Hanasaki Tongue Salt

A thick and juicy dish that is very popular with us. Because it is a rare part, up to 1 dish per table.

Negitan shabu3,002yen

Negitan shabu

A new specialty! Please enjoy with plenty of green onions.

Treasure chest 4 types 8 pieces platter5,940yen

Treasure chest 4 types 8 pieces platter

It's a gorgeous assortment with a special emphasis on production.

Sirloin Sukiyaki(One piece)1,848yen

Sirloin Sukiyaki

Exquisite harmony with delicious eggs called scarlet from Iwate prefecture.

Stone-baked yukki bibimbap1,958yen

Stone-baked yukki bibimbap

Bibimbap with fresh yukke tangled in a fragrant stone-baked dish.